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Pedro Ordóñez de Ceballos,
El viaje del mundo (Madrid: 1614).

Book I, Chapter 16 (Part 1)

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Permalink for this paragraph 0 Chapter XVI: On the other things that happened on this expedition.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Just as the black woman attacked me with her club, a black man came running down the hill, fleeing from the lieutenant, who wanted to kill him, having killed the other two. And after him came Martín, the one who had been a miner, and who was now the captain of a squadron of blacks, the General of the runaways. I said to the black woman: ‘let me, for your life, fight that man who the lieutenant called Martinillo, and you’ll see whether I am from your homeland’, adding, ‘I respect you, and I will make sure that you are given your freedom, and an pension from the King.’ She said, ‘Go, then, and kill him, make me a widow, and I will be able to serve you’. I replied, ‘so that I know we have an understanding, pull that dart out of my buckler.’ She pulled with such fury and strength that I thought she might rip my arms off.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 I fought the black man for a while, until we heard shouting and screaming. The blacks had run into our Spaniards and Indians as they retreated, and the Indians made that noise as is their custom. Martín, the black man, left me, and ran uphill like a horse, to defend his men. He left his lieutenant, who attacked me. As we fought, I retreated some fifteen or twenty paces, to see whether I could [38v] cut his legs off. Entrusting myself to the Souls of Purgatory and the most holy Cross, I leapt at him and hit his knee with such a blow that I shattered it to pieces. He collapsed on the ground, and tried to defend himself with his club. Polonia, who was watching, came towards me, and my lieutenant came to my defence. I stopped him, saying, ‘go help our men, I can deal with these two’.