The Tour of the world project:

Pedro Ordóñez de Ceballos,
El viaje del mundo (Madrid: 1614).

Title and Authorisation

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by the licenciado
Pedro Ordóñez de Ceballos, of
the Distinguished City of Jaén.
Contains three books
[Published] with privilege1
In Madrid by Luis Sánchez, printer
In the year M.DC.XIIII.

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Permalink for this paragraph 0 THIS History that Your Highness has asked me to review, of the tour of the world, and Itinerary of it all, that was undertaken by the Licenciado Pedro Ordóñez de Ceballos, who is also the author who has written it, does not contain anything contrary to the Faith or good customs. Your Highness, if he wishes, can grant licence so that it is printed. In Madrid on the fourteenth of July of sixteen-hundred and fourteen.

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  1. i.e. rights of exclusivity []
  2. The pages of the prefatory material are not numbered in the original text. I have added these for convenience, using the same convention as the rest of the book. []