The Tour of the world project:

Pedro Ordóñez de Ceballos,
El viaje del mundo (Madrid: 1614).

Welcome to the Tour of the World

This is the website of the Tour of the world project, which is devoted to translating, encoding, mapping, analysing, and publishing El viaje del mundo, Pedro Ordóñez de Ceballos’s autobiographical account of his extraordinary travels around the world in the closing decades of the sixteenth century, first published in 1614.

The translation of the text will be published on this site, at the rate of a few pages a day. Start reading here, or using the ‘contents’ menu to the right. Click here for the latest instalments. I am working on this project entirely in my free time, so it is subject to occasional delays.

More information about the project, Ordóñez, and me can be found in the ‘About’ page. A full bibliography of primary and secondary works used and cited is available here. Many sections of the text are illustrated with maps, usually of places visited by Ordóñez. You can also find a compilation of all maps used around the site here, in the ‘Maps’ page.

This entire project is work in progress, and comments on any aspect of it are very welcome. You can annotate individual paragraphs, whole posts, or leave general comments. You can also contact me. Feedback is appreciated.

This project would not be possible without the support of the Colombian National Library, to whom all images of the text belong. The website is powered by CommentPress, which is a project of the Institute for the Future of the Book, and by WordPress.